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Secret Santa AA - Sarain Maradhras by CubieCal Secret Santa AA - Sarain Maradhras :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 18 5 POPFOLD (BLIZZARD) - #002 WIDOWMAKER by CubieCal POPFOLD (BLIZZARD) - #002 WIDOWMAKER :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 2 2 POPFOLD (BLIZZARD) - #001 TRACER by CubieCal POPFOLD (BLIZZARD) - #001 TRACER :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 4 3 YOU DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS FIGURE !!! by CubieCal YOU DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS FIGURE !!! :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 3 1 POPFOLD (DC) - #007 JOKER by CubieCal POPFOLD (DC) - #007 JOKER :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 4 0 POPFOLD (DC) - #006 HARLEY QUINN by CubieCal POPFOLD (DC) - #006 HARLEY QUINN :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 5 0 POPFOLD (DC) - #005 KILLER CROC by CubieCal POPFOLD (DC) - #005 KILLER CROC :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 3 0 POPFOLD (DC) - #004 EL DIABLO by CubieCal POPFOLD (DC) - #004 EL DIABLO :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 2 0 POPFOLD (DC) - #003 CAPTAIN BOOMERANG by CubieCal POPFOLD (DC) - #003 CAPTAIN BOOMERANG :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 5 0 POPFOLD (DC) - #002 KATANA by CubieCal POPFOLD (DC) - #002 KATANA :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 4 0 POPFOLD (DC) - #001 DEADSHOT by CubieCal POPFOLD (DC) - #001 DEADSHOT :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 2 0 POPFOLD (MOVIE): #001 KIRK and SPOCK by CubieCal POPFOLD (MOVIE): #001 KIRK and SPOCK :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 2 0 POPFOLD (GAME): #005 THE TRAVELLER (JOURNEY) by CubieCal POPFOLD (GAME): #005 THE TRAVELLER (JOURNEY) :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 4 0 POPFOLD (STARWARS) - #012 FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPER by CubieCal POPFOLD (STARWARS) - #012 FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPER :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 3 0 POPFOLD (STARWARS) - #011 KYLO REN by CubieCal POPFOLD (STARWARS) - #011 KYLO REN :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 1 0 POPFOLD (STARWARS) - #010 REY and BB-8 by CubieCal POPFOLD (STARWARS) - #010 REY and BB-8 :iconcubiecal:CubieCal 3 0


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Calvin Nicholas Lin
Artist | Digital Art
I like cool designs
Toys and Illustrations too
Far to go I have


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Secret Santa AA - Sarain Maradhras
This was a secret santa gift for Tara-Elani on her character Sarain Maradhras as a special Cubefold Figure - Hope you've had a great Christmas and like this take on your character Tara :)
"One shot, one kill" / "Une Balle, un mort"

The cold and deadly femme fatalle of the game she is another character I just can't help but love in terms of design.
Blizzard have definitely nailed it in terms of creating kick ass characters on a visual level. She was the natural choice 
to be paired up with Tracer as part of the Overwatch line-up in my Blizzard series figures since the trailers and animation
have made them out as rivals. 

Comes with venom mines that's sure to trigger a lot of people. Don't know how many times I've been eliminated by it T _ T

Available freely atcubefold

You can also find it on facebook 
Or you can follow me and posts on twitter 
"Tracer here - reporting for duty !"

God I love the design of Tracer in Overwatch so much - and I have put in a whole lot of love when it came time to make the figure of 
the poster-girl of the title. If only I don't suck as much playing as her in-game T _ T The figure took me quite a while since I'm working
on a revision for the Cubefold site as well as new measurements for upcoming and future figures (Mk.2 figures !) which will be closer
to Nendoroid size.

Available freely atcubefold
You can also find it on facebook 
Or you can follow me and posts on twitter 
Adam Jensen.
Cool Dude with Cooler Shades.
Fully aug-ed and armed like a cooler version of Robocop
Kicks alot of ass and hates the illuminati
has an in-built tin foil hat maybe

Yea I'm tired I have no bloody clue what I'm talking about. Mankind Divided Ladies and Gentlemen !
I wish I have a tank enough laptop to play the sequel to my all time favourite game of 2011 
but I guess the silver lining of not being able to play means I get to be more productive.


Or I can sleep in more hue 

Available freely atcubefold
You can also find it on facebook 
Or you can follow me and posts on twitter 
Released back last month July prior to the release of SUICIDE SQUAD, another project with the folks at Poster Posse to promote the movie's release
I quite liked the movie despite the reviews and bru-haha surrounding it and metacritic sites. But then again I enjoy all of the DC movie releases so
far under (yes even Batman vs Superman - but I watched the extended ver. rather than the theatre release) 

Anyway enough rambling but this series was a figure set of 7 - I didn't know exactly how many characters there were be so I'm missing Rick Flag and Enchantress
so I'll probably cover that along with the DVD/Blu-ray release to finish off the entire squad.

I wish there was more of Jared Leto's joker on screen in the movie - I really really do. It's always engaging whenever he comes on screen unhinged and crazy
Jared Leto's depiction of the psychotic mobster was really spot on for this new DCEU continuity. The fact that there was a lot of content that didn't make the 
final cut of the movie makes me look forward to the extended edition and I hope there's at least 15 - 20 minutes worth of Leto's method acting coming out to 
the fore. Joker and Harley Quinn in this new version are a fantastic couple and hopefully we'll see more in the future for the DC movies !

Also I forgot to mention - in no way was I paid for this project in case you were wondering, the group I'm with just make stuff for events for timed coverage

Available freely atcubefold
You can also find it on facebook 
Or you can follow me and posts on twitter 


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